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icdp Press Kits

.....posters, flyers, flags and giveaways for ICDP drilling projects

ICDP is happy to support your on-site outreach actions with material, such as posters, flyers, brochures, flags, stickers and other giveaways. Please contact the ICDP outreach team for details on our press kits.

Our outreach team also offers support on how to capture and showcase ICDP projects for a wider audience & share your ICDP reseach on social media, which we offer to repost and share widely over ICDP┬┤s channels: TWITTER, YOUTUBE,  FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN. We also offer help with video creation and production, storyboard or script and advice on video filming tools on-site. See the video clips below showcasing scientific drilling on our YOUTUBE channel.

ICDP media clips


2 major programs, 1 common goal: scientific drilling on continents and in oceans

ICDP Science Plan

Our four prime science themes for the decade 2020-2030

How ICDP works

see how ICDP works and how the society benefits from continental scientific drilling