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François Henri Cornet passed away

With great sadness we hear of the sudden death of François Henri Cornet on May 23rd.

The geoscientific community has lost an exceptional researcher with a great passion for geophysical measurements, including those acquired in the field, in boreholes, in underground galleries, along faults, and in deep geological reservoirs. After a long career as a geophysicist at IPGP (Paris Institute of Earth Physics), François moved to Strasbourg (EOST School and Observatory for Earth Sciences) in 2007 and became Professor Emeritus of the University of Strasbourg in 2014. Always enthusiastic, determined, full of drive, and with unfailing motivation, he knew how to overcome difficulties to complete incredible projects, e.g. as Principal Investigator of the ICDP deep drilling project in the Gulf of Corinth near Aegion in Greece. François was also involved in scientific fault zone drilling at Koyna (India) and in Sweden (DAFNE). 

A huge thank you, François!