Developing a new DIS

Gathering requirements for software development

The questionnaire on 'Developing a new DIS' is a bit of a technical challenge. We recommend to proceed as described below:

  1. open the PDF form,
    you can download Acrobat Reader here for your preferred operating system. Then print that form and use this paper as a template to make and prepare your survey notes. Unfortunately no Acrobat Reader is available for UNIX/Linux. For alternatives, check this page.
  2. then use the links below to open a service hosted by
    There, the Questionnaire is divided into two parts. Use your notes on the printed PDF form and
    start with Part 1,
    then please continue with Part 2.

    In case you have sent incomplete or erroneous data in your survey:
    Re-submitting the survey forms is not possible once a form has been sent. Please check out the troubleshooting hints below.
For troubleshooting:

It is difficult to "go back" to extend or overwrite existing submissions.
However, there are several ways to re-submit a survey. These are the alternative options, choose one:

  • Easiest: Use a different browser on the same computer. Re-login to our website, and re-submit the survey from within the other browser.
  • Easy: Switch to a different computer, phone or tablet; re-login to our website, and re-submit the survey from the other device.
  • More technical: On the same computer, clear the http-cookies for domain "".