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GRIND Brazil Sampling Party

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Sampling takes place from 08-09 May in Berlin Spandau

The first GRIND-Brazil Sampling Party took place 08-09 May in the BGR core repository in Berlin Spandau. A team of international scientists sampled the cores from the GRIND-Brazil cores, ultimately taking 253 samples during the 2 days. Together with the Namibia samples, 3047 samples have been taken in the course of the project. We are now looking forward to the scientific results.

The project targets the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition (ECT; c. 560-530 Ma) strata of west Brazil, south China and south Namibia. The objective is to create a core network of correlative ECT strata that will enable constructing a highly resolved, temporally constrained geobiological, stratigraphic and geochemical database, as well as provide a legacy archive for future research. More information about GRIND and daily news from the drillsite.