Training on Demand

Apart from the annual training courses, Principal Investigators of running or forthcoming ICDP drilling projects are encouraged to propose new Training Courses. The course agenda should be project-related. The special themes and the appropriate levels of the courses can be suited for each ICDP project and its science team.

Specific Training

In order to support proponents, engineers, and scientists for their specific tasks within their drilling project we provide a number of training courses or workshops. For ICDP projects, we recommend to apply for it already in the workshop proposal and at least in the full proposal.

Online Gas Analysis

Training course on Online Gas Analyses

Training of the Online Gas Analysis (OLGA) should be requested at least six months before the actual drilling operations will start. The training will take place at the GFZ Potsdam and last 3-4 days. ICDP projects can apply for it in the full proposal. Costs for traveling are to be born by the project. Contact: Thomas Wiersberg