Annual Training Course

ICDP Training measures include annual courses that cover all relevant aspects of scientific drilling, including fundamentals of drilling technology, borehole measurements and interpretation, data management, sample handling and storage, and project  management. Usually the training courses last one week and are free of charge for the attendees.

Calls for application will be announced here and published in EoS several months before the training course takes place.

Training Course Content

The current basis of the ICDP training is a set of eight courses covering up these themes. The structure of ICDP training is flexible and can always be adapted to meet specific needs:

  • Fundamentals of Drilling Technology
  • Fundamentals of Sampling, Core and Cuttings Sampling, On-site Sample Handling
  • Drill Core Scanning and Logging
  • Downhole Gas and Fluid Sampling and Logging
  • Downhole Logging Fundamentals and Application 
  • Data and Information Management 
  • Project Planning, Management, Education and Outreach 
  • Downhole Seismic Monitoring