Annual Training Course

ICDP Training measures include annual courses that cover all relevant aspects of scientific drilling, including fundamentals of drilling technology, borehole measurements and interpretation, data management, sample handling and storage, and project  management. Usually the training courses last one week and are free of charge for the attendees.

Calls for application will be announced here and published in EoS several months before the training course takes place.

ICDP Training Course 2014: Drilling in Active Fault Zones

Field Trip to the DFDP site

The annual ICDP Training Course took place from October 6 to 10 at the Franz Josef Glacier (New Zealand) nearby the parallel running ICDP Deep Fault Drilling Project (DFDP) that aims at sampling and monitoring the Alpine Fault at depth. 33 graduate students, PhD students, early-career scientists and senior scientists involved in currently running or upcoming scientific drilling projects attend the training course. The lecturers touched upon relevant aspects of scientific drilling in active fault zones, including drilling engineering, rock and fluid samples and sampling strategies, pre-site studies, downhole logging, permanent downhole monitoring, data management, and project planning and management. Practical exercises and a one-day visit of the drill site helped deepen the acquired expertise.