Drilling Engineering

Planning, contracting and supervising a scientific drilling project


Drilling planning & engineering

This task is based on the Sysdrill® v.2012 software suite of Pardigm company, a drilling engineering software solution provider. The capability of today’s advanced well planning and drilling engineering software is generally defined by following distinct functionalities:

Well planning

  • GIS & coordinates

    Surface information & coordinate systems

    The well planning starts with the collection of topographical field information, e.g. available GIS data and the global position of fields, sites and borehole locations in geographical, UTM or Lambert coordinates. Geological surfaces and faults can also be incorporated at this stage for visualization, and intersections by the planned well computed and displayed. 

  • Well design

    Well design & directional planning

    A drilling planning software is consequently used to plan wells by tying to existing wellbore information and trajectories stored in the common database. All critical well information, like casings, borehole sections, comments and survey tools error margins can be defined therein, as well as lease lines and local boundaries visualized at this stage of the planning process.

  • Position uncertainty

    Wellbore position uncertainty

    In reference to wellbore position uncertainty, models are particularly helpful in crowded borehole areas as they furnish an anti-collision analysis from the drilled and the neighbouring boreholes against offset wells stored in the common database. This analysis assures at all time avoidance with neighbouring wells during the drilling in their vicinity. 

  • DD & Surveying

    Directional drilling plan & surveying

    For survey management, all recorded directional survey data during drilling or from logging runs, including overlapping surveys, are entered and stored in the systems database. 3D views to/from depths for each survey section can be performed in order to eventually decide on a definitive and wellbore position and its final positional uncertainty.