Permanent Downhole Monitoring

To summarize the current state of the art in Permanent Downhole Monitoring (PDM) an outlook and recommendation for future development and research for both the service industry as well as academia is provided. We further propose suggestions and decision aids for Principal Investigators (PI) and scientists referring their selection criteria for an array system on the basis of reliability, sensitivity, risk of failure and investment cost.  

Main Components

Every PDM system consists of the following components:

  • Deployment systems
    • Line
    • Coil Tubing
    • Pipe
  • Hole-anchoring systems
    • Retrievable and multiple settable devices
    • Permanent anchors
  • Measurements and sensors available in academia and industry
    • Geophysical
    • Geometrical
    • Geomechanical
    • Environmental
    • Geochemical
  • Data Recording and data management solutions
    • Down-hole memory
    • Real-time surface telemetry
  • Operations risk management prodecures and mitigation strategies 
    • Type of  failures and probabilities
    • Redundancy concepts
    • Failure risk management tools
    • Mitigation strategies
  • State of the art incl. new developments in PDM
    • Industry available
    • Academia available
  • ICDP projects and their scientific requirements
  • Array design principles and recommendations for ICDP Economics:   Investment and repair/maintenance cost
  • Alternative PDM methods and solutions