Downhole Logging

Consulting and service

Logging Truck

The offered support reaches from evaluation and support of planning and management of downhole logging programs within ICDP proposals to the actual performance of entire or parts of borehole logging sessions. Our assistance in preparation of borehole logging programs comprises check of availability of equipment & expertise, equipment acquisition and cost assessment. If desired the OSG can carry out downhole logging measurements with a special equipment fitting most ICDP operating conditions.

Scheduling & costs


Time and costs scheduler

The OSG logging time and costs scheduler can be used to get a very first overview of the required logging time and costs. It is an MS Excel sheet that easily allows to assess the time frame necessary to carry out the desired logs by OSG.

Further it gives a first rough number on the expected costs for the complete OSG logging operations, including transport, travel and personnel costs. It excludes rig time costs, i.e. costs that arise during stand-by of the drilling rig, the drilling crew and associated companies as these items strongly vary in different projects.

To download: OSG Logging Time & Cost Calculator

Logging check list

For a reliable and more precise estimation of logging time and costs please contact us. It is helpful to send the filled out MS Excel sheet. Also more detailed information about the desired logging parameters are then required. In case the project is already in an advanced state it is very helpful to fill out as best as possible our check list.

To download: OSG Logging Check-List