Downhole Logging

Consulting and service

Logging Truck

The offered support reaches from evaluation and support of planning and management of downhole logging programs within ICDP proposals to the actual performance of entire or parts of borehole logging sessions. Our assistance in preparation of borehole logging programs comprises check of availability of equipment & expertise, equipment acquisition and cost assessment. If desired the OSG can carry out downhole logging measurements with a special equipment fitting most ICDP operating conditions.


Planning, Design & Management

We help PI's of ICDP projects to develop and optimize a downhole logging plan for the individual scientific targets and conditions of their project. Our extent of help depends on the requests of the PI's. It can range from just providing information on time and availability for logging methods to the creation of an entire logging plan. The close in-house cooperation with our other OSG experts (drilling, core handling and data management) assures smooth and optimized operations. If desired we may also assist in the management of logging activities.

Our participation in downhole logging operations is not mandatory. OSG consulting is free of charge for ICDP projects.