Data & Sample management

Acquisition and administration of field, lab, and storage data

Drilling Information System as used by the Hawai'i Scientific Drilling Project

Data and Sample Management for Scientific Drilling Projects must be a comprehensive service in the long run. The main target is to acquire all information about the technical and scientific works performed during the operational phase in the field and in the lab. Well-documented sample material gets prepared for permanent storage. The resulting output provides basic and validated data sets;  a common reference indespensible when most of the science team members start their scientific work.

Information System

for scientific drilling projects

The ICDP information system for scientific drilling projects can be divided in three levels according to the main purposes of the data and sample management as shown above.

Data acquisition

For data acquisition ICDP provides the Drilling Information System DIS which can easily be adapted to the individual requirements of the specific project. This task is usually located just on-site, nearby the drilling operations, in field laboratories, shore bases, institutes and storage places for sample material. It is designed to be used in a ‘closed shop’ environment only with outgoing communication for data transfer toward the project site on the Web. For certain management reasons, the eXtended DIS interface (X-DIS) provides secured remote access to the operational DIS.

Data dissemination

For data dissemination it is recommended to use modern Web based media. This platform acts as user interface for the public in order to fulfill outreach purposes, and as user interface for the science team members to get access to internal project data and information.

Data publication

For data publications it is recommended to use services from institutional or commercial data centers who act in the range of so-called World Data Centers.