Data & Sample management

Acquisition and administration of field, lab, and storage data

Drilling Information System as used by the Hawai'i Scientific Drilling Project

Data and Sample Management for Scientific Drilling Projects must be a comprehensive service in the long run. The main target is to acquire all information about the technical and scientific works performed during the operational phase in the field and in the lab. Well-documented sample material gets prepared for permanent storage. The resulting output provides basic and validated data sets;  a common reference indespensible when most of the science team members start their scientific work.

In the field and in the lab

Acquisition and administration of field, lab, and sampling data

A special software is designed to be used in the field or on board (onsite/offshore) and in the lab (onshore). Due to its manageable technical requirements it is easy to handle.


The basic architecture is shown above. The predefined workflow of the science plan has been implemented into an individually designed ExpeditionDIS of the project beforehand. The ExpeditionDIS can be customized according to the actual environmental situation and requirements.


Many drilling projects limit the workflow to the technical parameters of the drilling operations and the drilling reports , the recovered sample material such as cores, cuttings, mud, fluids, and gases. Other projects perform imaging and initial lithological descriptions onsite as parts of that documentation. Further initial measurements for continuous petrophysical and/or geochemical properties can be added.

Data pumps

The range of following analyses is overarching. Each method, each step along the workflow is producing very different data formats in different units and scales of resolution. The DIS allows to configure specific data pumps to harmonize these data using a common naming convention, and standards for date and time, depth scales and units. As soon as the data is stored in DIS tables the data can be integrated in project specific websites and/or processed for reports.