downhole logging

Our downhole logging infrastructure is optimized for slimhole logging conditions. It is available as service only. Some equipment for big holes on request.

Downhole Equipment

The OSG slimhole sonde set covers basic geophysical logging parameters:

  • electrical resistivity (dual laterolog & dual induction)
  • sonic velocity (T-R1-R2 & T1-R1-R2-T2)
  • natural gamma spectrum (full spectrum SGR)
  • total natural gamma
  • oriented caliper & structures (4-arm dipmeter)
  • magnetic field (magnetometer inside dipmeter)
  • magnetic susceptibility
  • borehole images (acoustic televiewer)
  • mud parameters (T, p, resistivity)
  • spontaneous potential
  • fluid samples (PDS type)
  • seismics (borehole geophone chain, 3-comp)

OSG does not operate tools with nuclear sources! 

All tools are rated for 150 °C/80 MPa, except for the televiewer (125 °C), borehole geophones (135 °C), and fluid sampler (180 °C). All can be used in hole sizes as small as 75 mm. The maximum borehole size differs for each tool. These tools are best run on our special slimhole logging winches but can also be run on any logging winch system with at least a 4-conductor cable.

Sonde Specifications (PDF)