Core-drilling Rig (2500 m)

"Riksriggen" is the Swedish national research infrastructure for scientific drilling with a crawler mounted Atlas Copco CT20C wireline diamond core-drilling rig as its central component. The drill rig has depth capacity of 900 m in PQ (123 mm hole, 85 mm core diameter), 1600 m in HQ (96 mm hole, 63 mm core diameter) and 2500 m in NQ (76 mm hole, 48 mm core diameter) size. The research infrastructure contains also a comprehensive suite of surface and downhole equipment (including BOP, wireline packers, fishing equipment) and slimhole logging tools. Drilling engineering, planning and conduction of the operations is part of the service. Please contact the infrastructure for more information or visit

"Riksriggen" is available at cost price to scientific drilling projects (not limited to Sweden or Swedish PIs). The infrastructure is located at Technical Geology, Lund University, Sweden and funded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsr├ądet).

Contact: Jan-Erik Rosberg (head of the infrastructure)