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To change your password, send email to ICDP.

At this time, we can accept password change-requests by you only via email. You cannot yet change your password interactively via this web site.

The main reasons for this are

  • IT security: we create credentials for you following recommended security practices. If you prefer phrases you can remember easier, we will check it and adjust these according to these rules.
  • Being up-to-date: you might have changed your email address over time. In this case we will have the chance to validate the email address, and update our records, before we send the credentials back to your preferred, or most recent, email address.

Please use the form on the right to send your password change request to ICDP.

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Rules to get access to ICDP internal science-data files

Some projects hosted on ICDP's site contain password-protected web-pages. These pages might contain, in most cases, "embargoed" science-data files, sample photographs, or internal documents.

Access to these pages is granted after login (see box on upper right of this page).

Login requires registration, and registration is usually possible by invitation through the Principle Investigators (PIs) of a certain project only. Login-Groups are established during internal project meetings of the science team members (STM).

However, you can send us email using the form on the right, and ask to be added to an existing group. You need to have a stake in one of our drilling projects.

For this reason, please provide a short description of your role in the project. A one-liner might suffice, such as "I am a new PhD student in Prof. XXX's team, and will analyze samples from the YYY rocks". We will carefully consider your request and grant access. You'll get a password generated by us, mostly within a few days.


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