Grant Proposals

Financial and operational support by the ICDP is based on unsolicited proposals submitted by international Science Teams.

Important Deadlines

ICDP accepts grant proposals of all kinds until January 15 each year.

All proposals will be reviewed by the Science Advisory Group in early spring each year.

Workshop proposals will be decided on by the Executive Committee (EC) in early summer, while Full Proposals will be decided on by the Assembly of Governors shortly after the EC meeting.

Call for Proposals

Call for proposals to communities from the Earth Sciences and Drilling Engineering.

Prepare and Submit a Grant Proposal

ICDP offers international science teams the opportunity to compete for funds to support drilling operations. About 3.5 Million US-$ are available in each year. Calls for proposals will be published regularly in EOS, the newspaper of the American Geophysical Union.

An independent Science Advisory Group (SAG) evaluates all proposals submitted from a scientific point of view and gives recommendations to the other panels, the Executive Committee (EC) and the Assembly of Governors (AOG) for further process. The ICDP Program Office at GFZ, Potsdam, Germany handles technical aspects of the proposal submission and review process.

For questions please contact: Ulrich Harms


Project funding

ICDP funds parts of the operational, drilling and drilling-related costs of approved projects. A considerable share of operational funds has to be raised from non-ICDP sources such as national funding agencies, industry, academies, universities and so on. The Principle Investigators of project proposals to ICDP are expected to balance ICDP and other sources well. Funds for post-operations science has to be borne from outside ICDP.

Workshop funding

ICDP will fund workshops with typically up to $50,000 to cover travel, lodging, meals and meeting rooms for invited scientists. Third party funding for workshops through e.g., universities and other institutions are welcome but are per se not necessary.

Amount of project funding

The amount of ICDP funding is variable and not fixed. However, proponents should take into consideration that the annual program budget is approximately $3.5M and that ICDP expects to fund a mixture of project sizes and types (workshops, full proposals) each year. As such, while there is no formal limit on the budget of a full proposal, in general projects tend to be at most $1.5M. If you wish to exceed this guideline figure, then please get in touch with ICDP to discuss.