Nica-Bridge Drilling Project

Neogene environmental and geological evolution of the Central American bridge between two continents and two oceans

The targets are the Lakes Nicaragua and Managua, Nicaragua, which are uniquely suited for multidisciplinary, globally important scientific investigation of long, continuous sediment profiles. The region is ideal because of its: 1) long history (>3 Myr) of basin development, 2) past interactions with marine environments, 3) proximity to the volcanic arc, 4) significance as an endemic hot spot, 5) strategic location to study the great American biotic interchange, 6) the recently initiated Caribbean to Pacific canal construction via Lake Nicaragua, and 7) the interactive combination of seismological, volcanological, paleoclimatological, paleoecological, and paleoenvironmental studies. The first seismic pre-site survey confirms a drillable long and continuous sediment record suitable for initial drill site selection that will be supplemented by additional seismic profiles and shallow drilling.

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