Newberry Deep Drilling Project (NDDP)

Newberry Volcano, Central Oregon, U.S.A.

Paulina Lake within the Newberry caldera, Oregon. Photo ©: USGS

The target is drilling to the ductile/brittle transition zone (T>400°C) at Newberry Volcano, central Oregon, in the Cascades volcanic arc in the US Pacific Northwest. The Newberry Geothermal Test Facility is located on the western flank of the caldera rim of Newberry Volcano. Here, hot rock is closer to the surface, making it easier to drill wells and carry out enhanced geothermal system (EGS) research.

Newberry Volcano has been active for ~600,000 years. The most recent eruptions in the caldera occurred 1.6 ka - 1.3 ka, and a larger event ~75 ka. A high-resolution stratigraphic column through the deepest formations of the volcano will help determine the existence of previously unreported events and determine the likelihood of their occurrence.

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