STAR Drilling Project

A Strainmeter Array Along the Alto Tiberina Fault System, Central Italy

Panorama de Pietralunga Ombrie

The Alto Tiberina fault (ATF) in the Northern Apennines is a low-angle normal fault (mean dip 20°) that is the target of The Alto Tiberina Near Fault Observatory (TABOO), a multidisciplinary research infrastructure managed by INGV and part of the European Plate Observing System. A STrainmeter ARray in shallow boreholes (STAR) will complement and enhance TABOO.STAR will consist of six 80-160 m deep vertical boreholes covering the portion of the ATF that exhibits REs at shallow depth (~4 km), instrumented with strainmeters, downhole seismometers and pressure transducers.


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