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COSC-1 operational report - Operational data sets

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All data summarized here are preliminary working data sets, i.e. especially depths and initial descriptions may be not consistent yet through all tables.
Data Files Last Update
1 All Data All Data 01-Aug-2018
2 Sites All Sites 01-Mar-2017
3 Holes All Holes 01-Mar-2017
4 Cores Hole 1-A 25-Jul-2018
5 Boxes Hole 1-A 01-Aug-2018
6 Sections Hole 1-A 01-Aug-2018
7 Section Units Hole 1-A 01-Aug-2018
8 Borehole Measure-
BHM Campaigns
Holes 1-A,B
9 Borehole Measure-
BHM Runs
Holes 1-A,B
10 Borehole Measure-
Download BHM-files.
BHM Files
Holes 1-A,B
11 Televiewer Data Hole 1-A
Depth Corrections

depth corrected above 1600m
depth corrected below 1600m
12 MSCL Field Data Hole 1-A 01-Aug-2018
13 XRF Data (Minalyze) Hole 1-A 01-Aug-2018
14 Sample Requests All Sample Requests 02-Oct-2015
15 Samples Hole 1-A 01-Aug-2018
16 Mud Samples Hole 1-A 27-Mar-2015
17 Drilling Reports Hole 1-A 27-Mar-2015
18 Drilling Reports
Time Breakdown
Hole 1-A 27-Mar-2015
19 Drilling Reports
Drilling Technic
Hole 1-A 27-Mar-2015
20 Drilling Reports
Drill Bits
Hole 1-A 27-Mar-2015
21 Corelyzer Files
Cores and Sections
How to set up

Hole 1-A
22 Corelyzer Files
Hole 1-A 01-Aug-2018
23 Corelyzer Files
XRF Data
Hole 1-A 01-Aug-2018