Weihe Basin Drilling Project (Phase I)

Mio-Pleistocene Asian hydroclimate variability and dynamics

Loction of the Weihe Basin

The Weihe Basin contains a unique well-preserved fluvial lacustrine sequence covering the entire Cenozoic. This project (WBDP Phase I) will drill a 3000-m borehole to provide a highly resolved and accurately dated terrestrial record spanning the Late Miocene to the Holocene. Scientific objectives of this project are as follows:

(1) To reconstruct the East Asian hydroclimate variability over the past 10 Ma and address how gradual expansion of the Northern Hemisphere ice-sheets and regional tectonics modulate the amplitude and periodicities of orbital- and millennial-scale climate variability;

(2) To address how the change of East Asian hydroclimate affected mountain erosion and basin filling;

(3) To investigate how subsurface life adapted to environmental change in deep Earth and ascertain the depth and temperature limits of deep microbial biosphere.

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