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Project Acronym: SAFOD | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5025

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SAFOD: 2007-06-28

Ronald Conze and Frank Krysiak from GFZ Potsdam arrived
The GeoTek core scanner, loaned to SAFOD by the USGS Marine Geology group will be used to photograph the core and measure a variety of geophysical properties (density, magnetic susceptibility, resistivity).

Ronald Conze and Frank Krysiak from GFZ Potsdam arrived today from Potsdam to help install and modify the Drilling Information System. As in Phases 1 and 2, the DIS will be used to store and manage drilling and scientific information in real-time. During Phase 3 it will also incorporate date from the GeoTek core scanner and will interface with the CoreWall system developed by the LacCore group in conjunction with the Electronic Visualization Laboratory. CoreWall will be used onsite to record detailed information about the cores as it is obtained. This information will be made available to the scientific community at the completion of Phase 3.