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Project Acronym: SAFOD | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5025

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SAFOD: 2005-06-18

It was back to business here at SAFOD today
Simona Pierdominici (INGV, Italy), Jessica Mitchell (Pason), Fermin Fernandez-Ibanez (U. of Granada, Spain) and Rafael Almeida (Texas A&M) collect cuttings from a depth of 10,500 ft.

It was back to business here at SAFOD today, as we drilled ahead approximately 60 ft this afternoon and plan on making plenty of progress throughout the next couple of days. We've gone from a dark, shaly formation to a lighter sandstone or quartzite. A variable rate of penetration suggests that we are changing lithologies quickly and/or going through a highly fractured material. Further drilling will help us better understand how close we are getting to the San Andreas!