ICDP’s strategy is to provide a working infrastructure that facilitates outstanding scientific endeavour. Understanding the workings of planet Earth is our aim, utilising archives from the geological past, in close collaboration with partner organizations. Dovetailing with the needs of key stakeholders is fundamentally important, namely gaining insights into climate change, natural hazards, and natural resources, but our commitment to “bottom-up” discovery science remains paramount.

Putting ideas into practice

ICDP is committed to putting excellent scientific ideas into best practice, and that means addressing key factors related to finances, logistics and operational support.

  • Mesh excellent scientific ideas with practical drilling concepts
  • Provide accountability for sponsors for the program as a whole, in terms of scientific effectiveness and financial efficiency.
  • To obtain secure funding for the effective planning, implementation and execution of a viable strategic program to meet scientific objectives of socio-economic relevance.
  • To identify sites for international cooperation in scientific drilling, and thus to provide cost effective means of answering key scientific questions, run in close collaboration with other scientific drilling organizations.
  • To ensure that appropriate pre-site surveys are carried out.
  • To provide a core of technical support for drilling projects to facilitate efficient planning and operation.
  • To ensure appropriate monitoring of the program and accountability to sponsors in terms of scientific effectiveness and financial efficiency.
  • To ensure effective application and dissemination of the results