ICDP’s strategy is to provide a working infrastructure that facilitates outstanding scientific endeavour. Understanding the workings of planet Earth is our aim, utilising archives from the geological past, in close collaboration with partner organizations. Dovetailing with the needs of key stakeholders is fundamentally important, namely gaining insights into climate change, natural hazards, and natural resources, but our commitment to “bottom-up” discovery science remains paramount.

ICDP's Science Plan

The 2005 Science Plan was published in the form of a book published by Springer-Verlag entitled Continental Scientific Drilling (Harms, Koeberl and Zoback, 2005).

The 2013 Science Plan was published as White Paper presenting ICDP’s science plan in a societal context, and its strategy regarding outreach, industry and cooperation with other scientific drilling organizations. The target audience being mainly funding organizations and politicians.

A Special Volume of the International Journal of Earth Sciences has been published to present the science and the drilling philosophy behind it, to our peers.