How ICDP runs

The organizational structure of ICDP is “lean and mean”. It is simple and transparent, and is flexible in dealing with the logistical needs of individual projects yet uncompromising as regards scientific excellence; and it is inexpensive to administer.

Science Evaluation

ICDP-SAG Members

The Science Advisory Group (SAG) is an independent body of 16 internationally renowned experts appointed for a period of four years. It has the task of carrying out a thorough scientific evaluation of the individual competing proposals submitted to ICDP and to compile a priority list based on expected scientific merits. The recommendations of the SAG are the primary input to the EC as it develops projects for both annual and long-range programs.

Chair: Lisa Park Boush

She is the Director of the Center for Integrative Geosciences at the University of Connecticut, where she focuses on questions related to speciation and paleoenvironmental reconstruction as it relates to climate and anthropogenic change. She recently served as a Program Officer at the National Science Foundation (2010-2013) where she served in the Earth Science Division of the Geoscience Directorate.

Co-Chair: Stefan Lalonde



Panel Members