How ICDP runs

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of ICDP is “lean and mean”. It is simple and transparent, and is flexible in dealing with the logistical needs of individual projects yet uncompromising as regards scientific excellence; and it is inexpensive to administer.


ICDP-EC Members

The Executive Committee (EC) manages the activities of ICDP, and reports annually to the AOG on the past year's operational activities providing a budget report and a summary of scientific accomplishments.

Panel Members (by Country)

The EC is made up of one appointee from each member country selected by the respective AOG member. Each member country has an equal vote on the EC. The EC elects a Chair who has the executive responsibility for carrying out the objectives of the ICDP. Logistical and secretariat support for the EC is provided for by the Operational Support Group (OSG). The EC uses commingled funds to run the AOG-approved annual program plan, delegating operational and logistical tasks to the Operational Support Group (OSG) which implements Joint Research Ventures, one being negotiated for each project.