How ICDP runs

The organizational structure of ICDP is “lean and mean”. It is simple and transparent, and is flexible in dealing with the logistical needs of individual projects yet uncompromising as regards scientific excellence; and it is inexpensive to administer.

Implementation of Logistics

OSG Operational Support Group

ICDPs EC is served by the so-called Operational Support Group (OSG) who provides the EC with the operational capabilities to manage the program and to support individual ICDP projects as determined by the terms of the funding contract Joint Research Venture.

The GFZ currently finances from its own budget this group of six scientists, engineers and technicians who compose the core of the ICDP OSG and who are based at the GFZ. This group is a separate organizational unit at the GFZ, a not for profit organization under German law.

Current Composition - see Our Team

The OSG has the following support functions:      

  • Develop Joint Research Ventures for each project authorized by EC,     Provide technical and scientific liaison to SAG and EC,    
  • Management and support of Secretariats for AOG and EC,    
  • Assistance in contracting and permitting,    
  • Support for scientific and engineering drill-site operations,    
  • Support for field facility for core and sample description and management,
  • Provide all data collected during each project through a readily accessible data management system for ICDP projects, the Drilling Information System,    
  • Prepare - through this Drilling Information System - Initial Reports that describe drilling, engineering and sample and core description and procedures for each projec,    
  • Provide training courses in scientific drilling as “training on the job” or in preparation of other future drilling projects,    
  • Develop, purchase, and maintain an ICDP Equipment Pool comprising scientific-technical instruments and tools for on-site use in ICDP projects,
  • Provide management support for individual ICDP projects,    
  • Provide and operate ICDP equipment.