Union Symposium

Deep Geofluids: the bringers of change

now scheduled for Thursday April 21, 2016

time: 3:30 to 7:00 pm

room: L6

The EGU Union Symposium is jointly organised by ICDP, the Deep Carbon Observatory and some EGU divisions. The symposium revolves around the following themes, encompassing a whole range of scales in time and space, including water as agent in natural earthquake initiation, deep fracture fluids isolated in crust, activated degradation of organic matter in the deep biosphere, supercritical water for geothermal energy, metal-transporting hydrothermal fluids, sustainable energy and mineral resources, deep fluids and deep life, CO2 storage, and hydrofracking. Thus, the physics, chemistry and biology of subsurface fluids are all addressed.


Revisiting the subduction zone carbon cycle: What goes down, mostly comes up

Peter Kelemen and Craig Manning

Making rhyolite in a basalt crucible

John Eichelberger

Making a black shale shine: the interaction of hydrothermal fluids and diagenetic processes

Sarah Gleeson, Joe Magnall, and Merilie Reynolds

Deep ancient fluids in the continental crust and their impact on near-surface economic, environmental and biological systems

Christopher Ballentine, Oliver Warr et al.

Extracting Energy from Petroleum Reservoirs at Large Scale without CO2 Emissions –Is it possible? Is The Attempt Desirable?

Steve Larter, Marc Strous, and Steven Bryant

Fluid injection and induced seismicity

Michael Kendall and James Verdon