Public Outreach Guide

Why Outreach?

Scientific Drilling is an indispersive but expensive tool that serves to answer fundamental questions about the structure and evolution of our planet, questions which are directly connected to themes of societal relevance, such as sustainable georesources, climate, and natural hazards.Respective target communities for public outreach measures include funding organisations/stakeholders, local communities, politicians and landowners, media, schools and universities and the interested publicity.

Scientific Drilling projects are to a large degree, if not fully, financed by public science funding agencies, which in turn are publicity funded through tax money. Underlying the societal relevance and benefits of Scientific Drilling activities through public outreach is therefore of great importance.

Drilling projects generally attract a great deal of attention from local communities. Acceptance by local politicians and landowners is a decisive prerequisite for the successful execution of scientific drilling projects. It is important to emphasize the pure scientific aim and the societal benefit to the local community prior to any drilling activities.