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Postgraduate short course

Postgraduate short course in 3D Structural Geology, Paleoenvironmental and Geophysical Methods, for Scientific Drilling. In Japan, June 2019.

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ICDP Proposal Submission 2019

The new proposals will be evaluated in two rounds, in March 2019 and June 2019. For details, see topic "Panel Dates" on ICDP Homepage.

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ICDP Primer

Available in high resolution (105 Mb) and low resolution (11 Mb)

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ICDP Training Course at KTB

37 scientist and engineers from 18 countries attended the ICDP Training Course on Continental Scientific Drilling

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Oman DP sampling party onboard DV Chikyu completed!

After two months of hard work onboard the DV Chikyu the ChikyuOman2018 team have completed comprehensive logging of 1700 m of core! A huge thank you to all who contributed to make this a success, as part of the science party,...

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DSEIS Post Drilling Workshop

Participants of the DSEIS Post Drilling Workshop SEP-2018

Post drilling in deep South African gold mines, Moab Khotsong and Cooke 4 mine, ICDP-Dseis is holding a seminar meeting at the CSIR, Nelson Mandela Mining Precinct in South Africa. The meeting is attended by international...

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Oman Sampling Party onboard drilling vessel Chikyu

In the next two months the cores taken during Phase II of the Oman Drilling Project will be described and analyzed onboard Chikyu. The scientists work in groups - the igneous, alteration, structural, geochemistry, physical...

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Marco Bohnhoff

Marco Bohnhoff is Professor for Experimental and Borehole Seismology and head of GFZ-section 4.2 'Geomechanics and Rheology'. He brings ICDP experience through his role as PI in various ICDP projects (GONAF, Koyna, STAR). 

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ICDP Executive Committee Meeting in China

The Executive Committee discusses about 12 Full Proposals, seven Workshop Proposals and one Pre-Proposal submitted by January 15, 2018. Workshop Proposals will be decided on by the EC, while Full Proposals will be decided on by...

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first geological video contest for everybody; an initiative by the "Società Geologica Italiana".

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Oman Drilling

The final core of OmanDP Phase 2

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Oman Drilling

first core from site BA4A

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ICDP Training Course 2018

on Planning, Management and Execution of Continental Scientific Drilling Projects. Deadline for application: March 15, 2018

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Oman Phase 2 drilling now scheduled for November 2017

The online application form has now re-opened for OmanDP Phase 2


Please note that if you have already applied previously you do not need apply again! Instructions will be sent to you in a separate email.

The deadline for applications to participate in Phase 2 drill site activities is 17:00 BST Friday 13th October 2017. Please note that we will start staffing the November slots as soon as we receive applications and therefore people who are keen to join at the start should submit their applications asap.

Please remember that all science party members (those who participate in Phase 2 drill site and/or logging operations) will be eligible to make sample requests within the Phase 2 moratorium period (see the OmanDP Sampling Policy).

Phase 2 drilling current schedule:

November - December 2017
Crust – Mantle Transition (CM)

Site CM1         Hole A (diamond coring)

Site CM2         Hole A (rotary)
                         Hole B (diamond coring)

January – March 2018
Active Serpentinisation (BA)

Site BA1          Hole B (diamond coring)
                         Hole C (diamond coring)
                         Hole D (rotary)
                         Hole E (rotary)
                         Hole F (rotary)

More about the Oman Ophiolite Drilling Project on NERC website (UK), ICDP, and facebook