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Marco Bohnhoff

Marco Bohnhoff is Professor for Experimental and Borehole Seismology and head of GFZ-section 4.2 'Geomechanics and Rheology'. He brings ICDP experience through his role as PI in various ICDP projects (GONAF, Koyna, STAR). 

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ICDP Executive Committee Meeting in China

The Executive Committee discusses about 12 Full Proposals, seven Workshop Proposals and one Pre-Proposal submitted by January 15, 2018. Workshop Proposals will be decided on by the EC, while Full Proposals will be decided on by...

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first geological video contest for everybody; an initiative by the "Società Geologica Italiana".

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Oman Drilling

The final core of OmanDP Phase 2

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Oman Drilling

first core from site BA4A

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ICDP Training Course 2018

on Planning, Management and Execution of Continental Scientific Drilling Projects. Deadline for application: March 15, 2018

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ICDP Image Video

The ICDP Image Video is now online

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Job Offer


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ICDP Post-Operations International Workshop

This post-operation workshop in Pune, India highlights the achivements of the Koyna Pilot Hole drilling and discusses opportunities for future deep drilling at Koyna, a world-class site for studying reservoir-triggered...

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New milestone in Songliao Drilling

SK-II completed its stage IV (216mm diameter) last November at the depth of 5922.58m and after a long winter shutdown, started its final stage V (152mm diameter) on 4th May, 2017. As at the hole bottom, the temperature rises to...

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SAG meeting: March 26-28, 2018 in Grand Junction, USA; EC & AOG: May 29 - June 03, 2018 in Guilin, China

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Hydrofrac tests in the Koyna pilot hole

The tests were carried out by a team comprising experts from Mesy-Solexperts and scientists from the Borehole Geophysics Research Laboratory (BGRL). The tests, made in the granitic basement, are the first of it's kind in the...

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EGU 2017

EGU 2018 will take place April 8-13 in Vienna - we are looking forward seeing you there!

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2017 US Science Plan for NSF

Your input is needed!

The US National Science Foundation has directed CSDCO to organize the communities it serves to frame the outstanding questions in research, and prioritize sites, tools, and approaches to answer them using continental scientific drilling and coring. The 2017 Science Plan for Paleorecords communities is the result of two workshops and extensive work over past months by many members of the community and CSDCO staff.

Before submitting the Science Plan to NSF, we need your review and input to be certain the plan reflects your scientific vision. Please edit and comment on the US Continental Scientific Drilling Science Plan 2017-2027 (download MSWord doc). Please consider forwarding this message to your colleagues.

Return your comments on the document to Mark Shapley at before Sept. 30, 2017.

Portions of the Science Plan related to other communities (Critical Zone, Deep Biosphere and Geomicrobiology, Volcanism, Geothermal, Fault Zone, Hydrology, Impact Structures, and others) will be available for input in the coming weeks.