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19 Proposals to evaluate

With 9 Full Proposals, 9 Workshop Proposals, and 1 Technical Proposal the number of submitted proposals remains at high level

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ICDP Annual Report 2015

provides information on accomplished and upcoming ICDP Operations

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ICDP Primer

2nd Edition of ICDP's Best Practice Brochure now online

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Dinosaur climate probed

SCIENCE article on Songliao drilling published on June 12, 2015

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ICDP Panel Meetings

will take place early June in Minneapolis, USA

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Obituary for J.-F. Stéphan

Jean-François Stéphan, the director at CNRS, member of AOG, passed away in December 2013...

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Oman Phase 2 drilling now scheduled for November 2017

The online application form has now re-opened for OmanDP Phase 2


Please note that if you have already applied previously you do not need apply again! Instructions will be sent to you in a separate email.

The deadline for applications to participate in Phase 2 drill site activities is 17:00 BST Friday 13th October 2017. Please note that we will start staffing the November slots as soon as we receive applications and therefore people who are keen to join at the start should submit their applications asap.

Please remember that all science party members (those who participate in Phase 2 drill site and/or logging operations) will be eligible to make sample requests within the Phase 2 moratorium period (see the OmanDP Sampling Policy).

Phase 2 drilling current schedule:

November - December 2017
Crust – Mantle Transition (CM)

Site CM1         Hole A (diamond coring)

Site CM2         Hole A (rotary)
                         Hole B (diamond coring)

January – March 2018
Active Serpentinisation (BA)

Site BA1          Hole B (diamond coring)
                         Hole C (diamond coring)
                         Hole D (rotary)
                         Hole E (rotary)
                         Hole F (rotary)

More about the Oman Ophiolite Drilling Project on NERC website (UK), ICDP, and facebook