first geological video contest for everybody; an initiative by the "Società Geologica Italiana".

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19 Proposals to evaluate

With 9 Full Proposals, 9 Workshop Proposals, and 1 Technical Proposal the number of submitted proposals remains at high level

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ICDP Annual Report 2015

provides information on accomplished and upcoming ICDP Operations

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ICDP Primer

2nd Edition of ICDP's Best Practice Brochure now online

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Dinosaur climate probed

SCIENCE article on Songliao drilling published on June 12, 2015

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ICDP Panel Meetings

will take place early June in Minneapolis, USA

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Obituary for J.-F. Stéphan

Jean-François Stéphan, the director at CNRS, member of AOG, passed away in December 2013...

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SCIENTIFIC DRILLING Volume 16 now online available

hosted by COPERNICUS Publications

We are delighted to announce the publication of the latest Volume (Vol. 16) of the ICDP-IODP Program Journal SCIENTIFIC DRILLING (SD).

Up to now, SD was published by the IODP Management International (IODP-MI), but due to current reorganization, IODP-MI is unable to publish the journal in the future. There was, however, the strong wish from the scientific drilling community to continue with SCIENTIFIC DRILLING. We are glad having found COPERNICUS Publications as new partner to continue with SCIENTIFIC DRILLING as Open Access journal.

From now on, manuscript submission and handling takes place via the new SCIENTIFIC DRILLING website. Authors who wish to submit a manuscript should visit http://www.scientific-drilling.net

Download the Scientific Drilling Flyer