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SAG meeting

ICDP's independent review panel just finished its assessments in Israel.

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Important Deadlines

for ICDP Proposal submission and EGU abstract submission

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EGER is sampling again!

The sampling party for the S4 Bazina Liba well hole took place on 24 February!

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ICDP Q&A sessions

Your chance to ask questions before submitting proposals to ICDP

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BASE scientists meet online for mDIS training

From 2- 4 August 2021 scientists from the ICDP BASE project met online with the ICDP-OSG Data and Sample Management Group to discuss and prepare their data and sample management plans for the upcoming drilling phase. Drilling is...

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JET Sampling Party

Logging and sampling of JET core at BGS in UK

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USA margin PETM workshop

December 10-12, 2021, virtual and in-person (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)

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vEGU 2021

ICDP thanks you for your interest

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SD29 contains of one Science Report, one Progress Report, three Technical Developments and one Workshop Report

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Downhole logging successfully completed at COSC-2 drill site

In cooperation with a team of Lund University and the OSG team, the COSC-2A borehole was logged over the complete length with GR, spectrum GR, sonic, oriented caliper, electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, and...

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Common to all publications in this volume is the important role of investigations on organic material. Download the complete volume 

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Touch BASE with Precambrian rocks

Drillers delivered 40 m of cores in one day.

The drillers had their best day so far and delivered 8 trays (of 5 one-m cores each).
Current depth of Site 3A is about 70 m and Site 4A reached about 89 m of depth. Altogether 83 high quality core runs are delivered (29 from 3A and 34 from 4A).

Core Processing is advancing well.

The Barberton Archean Surface Environments (BASE) project is drilling precambrian sedimentary strata in the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa.  With an age of about 3.22 Ga, the Moodies Group sediments are among the oldest well-preserved shallow water layers in the world. Eight drill holes will produce up to 500 m core from each hole. More information about BASE and daily news from the drillsite.