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SAG meeting

ICDP's independent review panel just finished its assessments in Israel.

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Important Deadlines

for ICDP Proposal submission and EGU abstract submission

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EGER is sampling again!

The sampling party for the S4 Bazina Liba well hole took place on 24 February!

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ICDP Q&A sessions

Your chance to ask questions before submitting proposals to ICDP

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BASE scientists meet online for mDIS training

From 2- 4 August 2021 scientists from the ICDP BASE project met online with the ICDP-OSG Data and Sample Management Group to discuss and prepare their data and sample management plans for the upcoming drilling phase. Drilling is...

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JET Sampling Party

Logging and sampling of JET core at BGS in UK

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USA margin PETM workshop

December 10-12, 2021, virtual and in-person (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)

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vEGU 2021

ICDP thanks you for your interest

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SD29 contains of one Science Report, one Progress Report, three Technical Developments and one Workshop Report

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Downhole logging successfully completed at COSC-2 drill site

In cooperation with a team of Lund University and the OSG team, the COSC-2A borehole was logged over the complete length with GR, spectrum GR, sonic, oriented caliper, electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, and...

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Common to all publications in this volume is the important role of investigations on organic material. Download the complete volume 

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ICDP Q&A sessions

Your chance to ask questions before submitting proposals to ICDP

We invite proponents of ICDP preliminary, workshop, land-to-sea (L2S) and full proposals to online seminars for discussion including very brief lightning talks and detailed consultation on key subjects of proposals including but not limited to:

• Scientific themes of ICDP
• Pre-site survey
• Drilling and science operations
• Data and sample management
• Downhole logging and monitoring
• Instruments and service provision
• Education, outreach, capacity building
• Cost and budget, risk assessment
• 3rd party funding acquisition
• Examples from successful proposals
• Reasons to fail
• Review guidelines
• .…others as requested

Provisional dates: November: 22 to 26, 2021 and December: 6 to 10, 2021
Format: OSG will provide video teleconferencing via Zoom
Please contact Carola Koegler or Uli Harms for determining topics and appointments.