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vEGU 2021

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Downhole logging successfully completed at COSC-2 drill site

In cooperation with a team of Lund University and the OSG team, the COSC-2A borehole was logged over the complete length with GR, spectrum GR, sonic, oriented caliper, electrical resistivity, magnetic susceptibility, and...

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Common to all publications in this volume is the important role of investigations on organic material. Download the complete volume 

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TransAmazon Training Course at LacCore

Scientists from the TransAmazon ICDP Project, the ICDP data management team and LacCore staff prepare the sample and data management for the project. The training is currently taking place at LacCore in Minneapolis, the...

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First field test of the new ICDP memory sondes

The ICDP memory sondes can be run either in memory mode, with memory-battery sub (MEMBAT) or in wireline/online mode with telemetry sub on top. The MEMBAT sub can be equipped with a mechanical connection or with a fishing...

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ICDP Proposal Submission 2020

The new proposals will be evaluated in two rounds, in March 2020 and June 2020. For details, see "Panel Dates" on ICDP Homepage.

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2020 backup

Upcoming Panel Meetings:

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ICDP taskforce meetup in Potsdam

During the meeting ICDP OSG presented newly developed and currently employed ICDP equipment. ICDP taskforce 2019 - top left to right: Moti Stein (EC), Carola Knebel (OSG), Malin Bomberg (EC), Vicky Pease (EC-Chair), Marco...

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South Africa is back in ICDP

ICDP is pleased to announce that South Africa has rejoined ICDP. South Africa is an important target for ICDP-funded continent scientific drilling activities.Drilling Seismogenic Zones in Deep South African gold mines (DSEIS) was...

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Chinese delegation at GFZ Potsdam

From left to right: Ms. Gao Ping (Chinese Ministry on Natural Resources) and Prof. Dr. Dong Shuwen (Sinoprobe) meet Prof Dr. Marco Bohnhoff (ICDP Executive Director)

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This issue of the ICDP-IODP Program Journal (SD Vol. 25) contains six papers about drilling in volcanic zones and for paleoclimate research. 

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Postgraduate short course

Postgraduate short course in 3D Structural Geology, Paleoenvironmental and Geophysical Methods, for Scientific Drilling. In Japan, June 2019.

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Scientific Drilling Short Course

by Hokkaido University Summer Institute, applications now open

Postgraduate students and early career scientists including industry are kindly invited to apply. The course comprises three modules officially adopted by Hokkaido University’s Summer Institute, as follows:

  1. 3D Earth Structure - from the field to the drillcore
  2. Multiscale geophysical characterisation of Earth materials, and application to scientific drilling
  3. Interpretation of past Earth environments from core samples

Dates: 18 June - 2 July: Compulsory course with some fieldwork, lectures, and core workshop, 2 July - 7 July 2018: Optional field trip around Hokkaido. To apply for each course, simply click the "Application" tab at the page, where students can see the "Application Process”. Applications must be submitted online between 1 and 28 February 2018.

More info: Virginia Toy and Toru Takeshita

The three courses uniquely combine lectures, practical exercises in a workshop where we will examine drillcore on loan from IODP, and fieldwork. The field component is critical as it provides a large-scale/more continuous context for the observations participants may make when logging drilled cores in future. International participants shall enroll in all three courses, which can be officially completed in 2 weeks, but with the option to stay in Japan for a field trip around Hokkaido in the following week.