Members of the ICDP

ICDP has currently 23 members - 22 countries and the UNESCO that serves as a Corporate Affiliate. The founding members were the United States, China, and Germany (see history). The number of members has been stable for years now.


If you consider a membership in ICDP, the EC Chair Marco Bohnhoff is responsible for negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which contains the conditions of membership including rights, duties and responsibilities of the members between each member and the GFZ Potsdam, acting as Executive Agency on behalf of the ICDP members. The current draft version can be seen here (pdf).

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Finances and Funding

ICDP is financed through the annual contributions of its members. The membership fee for a country is based on a number of criteria such as economic and scientific power (GNP) and the comparability to ICSU membership fees. However, membership fees are negotiated between new members and the EC but finally decided on by the AOG.

Funding of Projects

ICDP pays or provides funding for drilling operations and related work for approved projects. However, additional funding from other third-party agencies or industry is required. ICDP’s financial contribution to projects may vary between 5% to more than 70% of the total operational costs. The mean value is about 20% for all projects with 5 to 10% for large multi-million dollar projects and about 50% for smaller projects . In addition, ICDP provides operational support such as instruments, measurements, services and training through its Operational Support Group. This Operational Support is negotiated for each scientific drilling project between the OSG and the respective Principal Investigators and laid down in a Joint Research Venture.