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Geophysical Well-Logging Campaigns + Runs Report
The Outokumpu Deep Drilling Project

This page is is the second of four pages that belong together.
(1) Select wellhole, and campaign; (2) select logging run (this page); (3) select files; (4) Download files.
Click on link in column "Log #" to proceed to step 3.

All files All files from all campaigns and all runs for these boreholes


Site Well Campaign Time Companies Bit Size Casing Open Hole Mud Depth Reference
Begin End Hours Density Type pH Resistivity
1 A logging of main hole 2006 April 2006-04-09 00:00 2006-04-09 00:00 00.00 hours GFZ Potsdam: K. Bohn, C. Carnein, J. Kück

0-44m, casing, ID: 324 mm 44-2516, ID: 220 mm fresh water top of casing


Site Well Cpgn Id Log # Depth (m) Time Speed Measurements Parameters
Begin End Begin End Hours Min. Max.
1 A 1 BM0001 0 2507 2006-04-09 00:00 2006-04-10 00:00 00.00 hours 0 0 Measurements: Mudparameter OSG Parameter: temperature; gamma, natural; resistivity, multi; pressure; acc
1 A 1 BM0002 0 2506 2006-04-10 00:00 2006-04-11 00:00 00.00 hours 0 0 Measurements: Spectral gamma OSG Parameter: gamma, natural; K (potassium); U (uranium); Th (Thorium)
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