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Science-Data Licenses 

In order to be formally recognized as a repository for research data, and to become a part of the emerging global infrastructure of data-sharing, the issues of licensing science data must be dealt with.

However, due to the large variety of ICDP projects and the diversity of stakeholders and modes of project sponsorships, it is impossible to define a single license that regulates the redistribution and usage of ICDP science data.

Generally, if there is no password protection on a web page, any ICDP science data is released under a "Attribution Share-Alike Creative-Commons License".

This means

  • ICDP science data is public data. Access/Download and usage is free and open, even for commercial usage.
  • Anyone who redistributes data must mention the origin, i.e. this web site. They must give credit and acknowledgement.
  • Redistributors must not change the original copyright notices and license texts found within any data file.

Exceptions may apply on a per-project basis. In general, the principle investigators of a drilling project define the data policy.