Timeline of ICDP Proposals - GRIND - Brazil - Brazil

Geological Research through Integrated Neoproterozoic Drilling: The Ediacaran-Cambrian Transition

icdplogoThis interactive visualisation shows when ICDP drilling projects happened, or were proposed by teams of Earth Scientists.
Dates are approximate: For example, dates often indicate when a science workshop was requested or proposed, not actual date of the workshop. Only workshops sponsored by ICDP are shown.
To navigate, use the mouse buttons, and the mouse wheel; or click the buttons in the upper right corner of the timeline plot.
Move mouse over the date-value, e.g. 03/'17, of an event-marker to get more information. (Double clicking makes items deletable and draggable.)
Proposal Abstracts can be accessed by clicking on icons in the upper right of the rectangles.
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