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Additional Pictures
Date: 9/15/2011


UN_5047_2_A_rocks_1.jpgBarb 3: Black and white banded chert with abraided channelways containing BMS.
UN_5047_2_A_rocks_2.jpgBarb 3 sulphides impregnating Zebra chert.
UN_5047_2_A_rocks_3.jpgBARB 3 pyrite and possibly CPy on erosional planes and impregnating the core
UN_5047_2_A_rocks_4.jpgBarb 3 erosional channelways with new sedimentation on micro scale.
UN_5047_2_A_rocks_5.jpgBarb 3 erosional channelways with new sedimentation on micro scale.
UN_5047_2_A_rocks_6.jpgdisrupted but rounded fragmented chert layers, re-cemented in new chert. Depth: 219.91m
UN_5047_2_A_rocks_7.jpgladen chanelways
UN_5047_2_A_rocks_8.jpglest you did not see it before
UN_5047_2_A_rocks_9.jpgWell rounded dispupted chert layer , rewelded and re-cemented
UN_5047_2_A_people_1.jpgMasi doing some close encouter of the rocky kind. Please ignone the Sharks jacket.
UN_5047_2_A_people_2.jpgdoing some magic core orientat
UN_5047_2_A_people_3.jpgdoing some magic core orientat