DeepCHALLA: two glacial-interglacial cycles (ca. 250,000 years) of climate and ecosystem dynamics on the East African equator (DeepCHALLA)
  • Geologic age: quaternary
  • Number of drillsites (drillholes): 1(6)
  • Drilled length: 422.5 m
  • Cored length: 422.49 m
  • Core recovered, length: 405.4 m
  • Cored length / Total length ratio: 95.95%
  • Core recovered / Total length ratio: 95.95%

Co-Operating Principal Investigators

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workshop done in 2012, full proposal approved 2014, drilling completed in November 2016, core processing at LacCore March/April 2017
Repository Information: Where the rock samples are stored.
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africa, CHALLA, DeepCHALLA, dynamics, ICDP-2014/06, kenya, kilimanjaro, monsoons, paleoclimate, tanzania, tropical climate,
3° 19' S, 37° 42' E