Barberton Drilling Project: Peering into the Cradle of Life (BARB)
  • Geologic age: archean
  • Number of drillsites (drillholes): 5(5)
  • Drilled length: 2874.3 m
  • Cored length: -
  • Core recovered, length: -
  • Cored length / Total length ratio: -
  • Core recovered / Total length ratio: -
after delay due to missing drilling permits, drilling operations started in July 2011, and ended in August 2012.
Repository Information: Where the rock samples are stored.
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africa, archean, BARBERTON, barberton cradle of life, BARBERTON_C, composition of ocean and atmosphere, habitat of early life, ICDP-2009/01, komatiite, sediment, south africa, surface processes, volcanic,
25° 54' 25'' S, 31° 6' 19'' E

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