ICDP Profile

For Science and Society

With Earth’s population continuing to increase, especially in cities, the threat to life and property from natural hazards such as earthquake and volcanic activity, as well as the consequences of climate change, increases concomitantly. The rocks and fluids of our ever-changing planet contain heat, energy, and life as well as archived records of what has gone before. These precious relicts and living systems need to be probed, collected, monitored and analyzed in order to better understand the workings of planet Earth.

Some examples

  • fine-tune climate records with a focus on the vulnerability of regional climate responses to global change;
  • understand and monitor the stress and strain and fluid flow in the Earth’s subsurface to better predict natural hazards;
  • better understand the chemical, physical and biological processes acting over geological and human timescales in order to sustainably manage the resources and reserves of our planet.

Scientific drilling is an indispensable and unique tool for exploring and unraveling the myriad natural and anthropogenic processes that are part and parcel of our dynamic Earth.

The Passion to drill

ICDP is an infrastructure for scientific drilling that facilitates outstanding science.

ICDP is the only international platform for scientific research drilling in terrestrial environments.

ICDP provides the means for conducting cutting edge research:

  • workshop support for establishing scientific drilling programmes
  • cost effective, co-mingled funding support for drilling programs
  • operational support for individual projects
  • drilling facilities, such as drill rigs, logging tools, and sample and data management
  • earth science education and knowledge transfer

ICDP brings together scientists and stakeholders from 23 nations to work together at the highest scientific and technical level. More than 30 drilling projects and 55 planning workshops have been supported to date. ICDP has an average annual budget of about $5 million, and further third-party drilling support more than doubles this yearly investment.